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Calorie Counter Wants to Be Your Only Diet App

Calorie Counter Wants to Be Your Only Diet App

How many diet apps do you have loaded in your smartphone right now? Mine is kind of a graveyard of apps tried and failed, while others just didn't meet my diet and exercise needs. Enter Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker (Free) from the folks at This app is the first I've seen to include both an activity log and food journal, alongside speech recognition (no more scouring food listings to find what you ate!) and bar code scanning for easy entry. Genius! There's even sections for informative articles, recipes, weight tracking, and the option to participate in the diet-focused community on the Calorie Count website.

Speaking of the website, if you choose to update your daily intake and output on the web instead of the app, Calorie Counter will auto update on your iPhone the next time you log in. Check out more screens of the app in the slideshow, and stay tuned for a full review after we take it for a spin.


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