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Do You Fit Into The Traditional Geek Hierarchy?

Most people don't know what to think of being called a geek. They either embrace it like Gallery of the Absurd's 14, who proudly says "I am a major geek and I wear it as a badge of honor," reject it or hide it. To be fair to those people who skeptically look at me and say "you are geeksugar?" the word's first definition is "a carnival performer often billed as a wild man whose act usually includes biting the head off a live chicken or snake." Not exactly something most of us want to identify with and a far cry from my usage of the work. But the word's final definition - "an enthusiast or expert especially in a technological field or activity " - does just the trick for me. And, as I have learned from you readers, most of us consider ourselves to be some variation or variety of a geek. Be it a mac geek, pc geek, video gamer geek, Dungeons and Dragons geek or a general, no holds barred geek. recently featured a hilarious chart chronicling the Geek Hierarchy. At the top are people who have published Science Fiction/Fantasy books who consider themselves less geek than people who majored in folklore and mythology, comic book fans, Anime fans who insist on subtitles, Anime who don't care about subtitles, video gamers, Heinlein fans, Amateur Science Fiction or Fantasy writers and Science Fiction television fans. At the very bottom of the chart are "people who write erotic versions of Star Trek where all the characters are Furries." Most of those categories either elude or intimidate me, but I appreciate that someone took the time to lay out the traditional geek hierarchy for us. Not sure I fit into it. Check out the Chart to see if you fit in.

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