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Do You Have More Than One Camera?

When I was younger, I thought it was solid to have one good camera at any time, one being all I ever thought I'd need. Then there was my Summer abroad where I finally expanded — but to multiple disposable cameras. Now, as a grown-up geek, I am all about rocking the multiples — and each for its own purpose.

There's the point-and-shoot, which goes with me everywhere in case a photo op comes up; the SLR that I lug around for events where I know I want good photos and for taking my "hobby" photos; the Lomo for its fun, vintage-y effects, and then my Polaroid camera, which I snagged in a panic when I heard that they'd stop making the instant film.

And of course, there are my cameras on my phones, but in the interest of this, I'm not counting them — nor will I count video cameras, because yikes that sends the number up too. So four — I'm a big four girl. Never thought I'd be on a four-camera boat, but here I am.

What about you — do you have multiple cameras?

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