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Do You Have More Than One Camera?

When I was younger, I thought it was solid to have one good camera at any time, one being all I ever thought I'd need. Then there was my Summer abroad where I finally expanded — but to multiple disposable cameras. Now, as a grown-up geek, I am all about rocking the multiples — and each for its own purpose.

There's the point-and-shoot, which goes with me everywhere in case a photo op comes up; the SLR that I lug around for events where I know I want good photos and for taking my "hobby" photos; the Lomo for its fun, vintage-y effects, and then my Polaroid camera, which I snagged in a panic when I heard that they'd stop making the instant film.

And of course, there are my cameras on my phones, but in the interest of this, I'm not counting them — nor will I count video cameras, because yikes that sends the number up too. So four — I'm a big four girl. Never thought I'd be on a four-camera boat, but here I am.

What about you — do you have multiple cameras?

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BalooB BalooB 7 years
P&S CMYK Holga Nikon Film SLR whole bunch of old SLRs from Daddy and my grandfather
jfellows1631 jfellows1631 7 years
1 fuji p&s Nikon D60 dSLR Nikon D300 dSLR
ohkate ohkate 7 years
three DSLRs, two point and shoots, two holgas, one diana, three SLRs, and one medium format camera
acknan acknan 7 years
4 that I use... DSLR crappy point and shoot- for my classroom nice point and shoot- purse camera Oktomat lomo camera
a-million-suns a-million-suns 7 years
I have 4 as well: a Canon point and shoot, Canon dSLR, 35mm Pentax, and a TLR medium format Yashica. And my camera phone, so 5 if you count that :)
monday monday 7 years
3 - dslr (nikon d80), point & shoot (sony dsc w70), camphone (nokia e66) i've been considering getting a diana or holga
Sammi_784 Sammi_784 7 years
At the moment I only have a Polaroid camera (without film). I love photography but since my digital camera broke last month, I have been desperately saving for a new camera. Now I have the dilemma of SLR vs Digital Camera - which to buy?. SLR's have way more options and produce much better pictures but a digital camera would fit much better in my bag. :S
LOVErickii LOVErickii 7 years
the leica m8 is a dream camera of mine too!!!
mouldy mouldy 7 years
i have 2 nikons (digital + film), 1 canon (p&s), lomos!!!, a yashica rangefinder (so called poor man's leica) and the usual mobile phone camera. actually i don't really 'care' about the cameras, it's the lenses that i go crazy for! sigh, i wish i was damn bloody rich. so i could buy a leica M8. sigh.
karlotta karlotta 7 years
1 DSLR 2 SLRs (nikon F2 + N75) 2 medium format (Mamiya 6 + Fuji 675) 1 Holga 2 Lomo 1 digital point & shoot and video cameras And, goinglikesixty, unlike you, I can frame, I can light, I can compose, I can direct. I may take 100 frames and an editor only picks one, but if you took a thousand, you couldn't come close to what I do with one shot. It's so fucking obnoxious to go and knock other people's jobs - CAREERS - just because you... are jealous? I don't know, I can't see what other reason you could have to gloat about your 18 cameras, and then tell me I'm overrated.
starofsorrow starofsorrow 7 years
If you count my constantly borrowing a friend's camera: My Nikon N65 - trusty 35mm camera Olympus - point and shoot Nikon D60 - Friend's camera I keep borrowing Waterproof disposable cameras for when I go to Six Flags or a waterpark or to the lake or toobing down the river. :)
kia kia 7 years
Yep, multiple cameras.
opentypeA opentypeA 7 years
I have a DSLR and a cameraphone, lol
misogi misogi 7 years
I have four cameras, digital P&S (graduation gift), a film SLR, a film P&S (both belonged to my dad), and a $5 mini Japanese camera that I bought because it was so cute. :D
kscincotta kscincotta 7 years
I agree, Anon! I have one really nice P&S, but it's pretty sizable. I'm trying to save for a smaller "every day" P&S and I would kill for a SLR. Alas, it's not at all in my budget.
GoingLikeSixty GoingLikeSixty 7 years
About eleven if you count film versions, eighteen if you count video (which I did even though you didn't) Quality range from totally crappy to mildly worth it. Photographers are way overrated. Squeeze off a few hundred digital frames then an editor picks the best and the photographer is called the "artist."
LOVErickii LOVErickii 7 years
Point & Shoot (which i need to update) DSLR SLR Polaroid Diana Holga Fish Eye Quad Cam Pin Hole (one bought & one i made in high school!) & a cabinet full of vintage cameras that are broken so are basically just for display... I'M A CAMERA FIEND (:
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