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Do You Like That Wii Music Doesn't Have Scores?

Do You Like That Wii Music Doesn't Have Scores?

When I took Wii Music for a test drive last month, I was trying to figure out what I liked more (and less) about it than Rock Band. What I still haven't decided about is how I feel about the lack of scoring. They want you to "create" music and interpret songs in different ways, but it's not easy to get used to the fact that at the end of your round, you have no way to measure how you did.

Amid reports that game sales are struggling, I wonder if this is what people don't "get" about the game, and if that's why Wii Music hasn't yet shown to be a threat to Rock Band yet. Aren't video games naturally about competition? Don't you get motivated to play a game by wanting to beat the next level or your own scores?

On the other hand, maybe eliminating competition is a healthy thing, teaching us to have fun for fun's sake instead of everything being a competition. What do you think about Wii Music?


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lovely2190 lovely2190 7 years
ooo i think it will be a fun game, no matter with or without a score!! :)
warioswoods warioswoods 7 years
@queenlizzie Actually, from playing it a good bit this weekend, I have to say that I support Nintendo's choice to go with a mixture of classical and public domain songs, if only for the fact that it makes one realize how wide the possibilities are for even the most familiar and seemingly boring tunes. Check out what can be done with the Bridal Chorus, for instance:
metrostylee metrostylee 7 years
Lighten up, it's just a game. Besides, I think Guitar Hero is competing with Rock Band not Wii Music.
DukesUp DukesUp 7 years
One has nothing to do with the other, in terms of Rock Band vs. Wii Music. It will never be a threat to Rock Band, because it's nothing like it. Wii Music lets you create something new (or semi new) whereas Rock Band scores you on how well you're mashing buttons and timing. I don't see the correlation.
LilGlamDiva LilGlamDiva 7 years
Whooo cares. I play games for fun. If it's specifically a sport that's different, but otherwise I don't care about score
queenlizzie queenlizzie 7 years
I like that Wii Music doesn't have scores, but I don't like the music they selected. Part of the fun of playing Rock Band and Guitar Hero is playing music you'd hear on the radio, or stuff you grew up listening to. I'm not going to buy it because the music is terrible.
amloveaffair amloveaffair 7 years
I didn't even know this was out yet! How much is it? $60?
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