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Do You Make Goofy Faces When You Play Video Games?

OK seriously, when I saw the picture of Molly Sims' blinged out Nintendo DS the other day, I noticed the gadget second. The first thing I noticed was the totally gooftroop face she was making while playing her game. My second favorite weird face is Ms. Hayden Panettiere's here.

But I'm not passing judgment — I do it too! Whether I'm scrunching up my nose, closing one eye, or have my mouth wide open, I'm never not making a stupid face while I'm gaming. It's kind of like how John Mayer makes those weird "O" faces when he plays the guitar.

I'm pretty sure a scientist will come forward with studies in the near future proving that yes, making a stupid face does increase your video game prowess.

So, I know I am not alone — do you make a goofy face when you play video games?


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