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Do You Miss Cover Art When Reading an Ebook?

Ebooks Are Great, But Do You Miss the Covers?

A fan of printed books, I was hesitant to introduce a Kindle into my life, but since that fateful day, I've noticed a few distinct advantages of the gadget over a traditional book. For one, I can read books that would otherwise be a little bit embarrassing to read in public. (Yes, I'm talking about you, Twilight saga.) Besides being incognito with my guilty reading pleasure, not lugging around a giant hardcover was certainly appealing.

The New York Times touches on the cover-less phenomenon, but takes a different approach, wondering if readers miss beautiful cover art when they choose an ebook over a traditional book. To hear my feelings, and to share your thoughts, just


My feelings are mixed: on one hand, ebooks are good for travel, storage, moving, and general accessibility, but there's something to be said about the aesthetic of a shelf full of well-designed books. "You can’t tell a book by its cover if it doesn’t have one," the article says. And it's true — if I'm going to tackle an ambitious, intellectual book, I'd probably think twice about buying it in ebook form. "There's something about having a beautiful book that looks intellectually weighty and yummy,” said one woman quoted in the story. As someone who has tackled a tough and lengthy read like Anna Karenina, I'd have to agree.


What about you? Does a cover make the book? And do you miss the cover when you buy an ebook?

Source: Flickr User oldcockatoo

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kdjone2 kdjone2 6 years
I miss the covers for sure. But more so, I just miss the overall feel of books. Curling up with a good book after a long day isn't the same as curling up with a piece of hardware. Plus, it makes it so much easier to get distracted!
rach716 rach716 6 years
I have a nook so there's a color screen at the bottom which you can view the covers of all your ebooks on. I appreciate it because I like to check out the cover of what I'm reading :)
Sanveann Sanveann 6 years
Depends on the book ... I do love beautiful cover art, but many of the books I read (especially nonfiction) don't have particularly striking covers anyway. Also, if you're reading something embarrassing -- like a trashy beach-read type of book -- sometimes you'd RATHER not have the cover! Also, if you're reading a really hefty novel, sometimes the Kindle is just so much easier on your hands/wrists that the lack of the beautiful cover is outweighed by the ease of holding it. Pssst ... I read my Kindle in the tub. Prob not smart, but I'm a mom ... if I didn't read in the tub, I wouldn't get ANY reading done!
luckyP luckyP 6 years
No, don't miss covers. But I do miss the properly formatted books. Oh, the e-books from Sony are horrible.
carmenspace carmenspace 6 years
Agree. I will still buy hard copies of my favorite books, and generally save e-books for the secret vices (Twilight, chick lit books). I love book covers, except for movie version book covers. Avoid those like the plague.
dannysf dannysf 6 years
Besides not being able to read in the tub, what I miss most when I use my kindle is the beautiful covers. That's why I still buy some pretty novels in book-form.
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