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Do You Program Nicknames Into Your Cell Phone?

When Sim Card Spy herself Kim Kardashian snooped in her sister's boyfriend's phone, I giggled when they discovered Scott's address book entry of "Kyra Model" — no, not because I'm a mean girl, but because it reminded me of this classic clip from The Hills, where Lauren goes through Brody's iPhone and finds that he's programmed in girls by (less-than-flattering) nicknames. Which of course gets me thinking — I do this too! No, I don't call people "Sleazy Susan" to get back at them, but I do program in names with nicknames as clues as to who they are, i.e., "Jenny Carpool," etc. And I know we've all done this single, after meeting someone out, like "Green Shirt Guy." Fess up: Have you ever done this?!

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