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Do You Suffer From Video Game Burn Out?

As I was tidying my DVD and video game library in my bookcase at home the other day, I kept seeing game titles I haven't played in forever. "Ohhh, let's play Jeopardy! Tetris! DDR!" I squealed. My renewed interest is totally due to the fact that I burned out on all these games approximately two weeks or so after buying them — which makes me fearful for my upcoming personal Wii Fitness challenge, a little.

Wii games usually stay perennially fun because even if you're bored of them, guests will come over and get you back into it. But even with my favorite games, I eventually tire of them, especially hot ones that I get and play the hell out of at the beginning. I liken it to watching the same movie over and over again. Burn out is only natural, right? What about you? Is this your occasional affliction too?

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