Doctor Who Cosplay Costumes

5 Doctor Who Costumes, 1 Thrift Store Trip

5 Doctor Who Costumes, 1 Thrift Store Trip

The countdown to Comic-Con is on, and if you're not up for sewing a handmade costume to rival Gallifrey's best-dressed, a quick trip to a local thrift store or charity shop can provide enough mixing-and-matching options to have you dressed as your favorite Doctor Who characters. It can take some time to wade through the racks, bins, and shelves of clothing, but get creative with your inspiration, and you'll look like you just stepped off the TARDIS without spending the equivalent of a trip to Comic-Con itself.

Need extra incentive to dress in your best Time Lord gear? A photo of you in Who wear at the convention could win an Eleventh Doctor tweed jacket thanks to BBC America!

Source: BBC


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