Doctor Who Episode Recap "Night Terrors"

Doctor Who Recap: Night Terrors

Doctor Who Recap: Night Terrors

Diverging from the story line of recent episodes, this week's Doctor Who was happily (for me, anyway) free of worry over the Doctor's death date or a futile search for Baby Pond. "Night Terrors" served as standalone story, reminding us of the scary things that kept us awake as children and the Doctor showing how great he is with house calls.

Aboard the TARDIS with Amy and Rory, the Doctor receives a distress call from a child, George, scared in his room, wishing to be saved from the monsters. Within his haunting apartment building, we see the noises and people, the old lady from down the hall and mean landlord, who contribute to the boy's insomnia and neuroses. As George's father Alex explains to the Doctor, while Amy and Rory vanish into a dollhouse filled with life-size wooden dolls, everything that troubles his son is put into the cupboard in his room where it can't harm him.

As much as adults would like to dismiss the monsters that haunt children, these ones are real, and what was once a tale of the creepy things that go bump in the night is that of a dad's love for his son. The dolls of this episode have serious merit for scariest "monster" of the season. Before next week's episode dives back into the story of the Doctor and his companions, take a look at the most striking moments of saving George from his "Night Terrors."

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