Doctor Who The God Complex Recap

Doctor Who Recap: The God Complex

Doctor Who Recap: The God Complex

What began as a seemingly standalone thrill fest resulted in the season's biggest twist in this week's Doctor Who episode "The God Complex." With such a title, though, it is only fitting that the story delve deeply into the core of the characters. Were you expecting the bittersweet ending to the scary romp through an '80s hotel labyrinth?

The Ponds and the Doctor end up in an eerie hotel, which were it not for the horrified trio they happen upon in the lobby, the Doctor would continue to believe is an alien planet designed as an Earth replica. Rita, Howie, and mole-man Gibbis are running for their lives from a monster set to feast on them. Each room of the hotel is filled with creepy circumstances with one room specific to each visitor's worst fears. If a person looks too long upon their room's contents, the minotaur monster begins to control their brain forcing the person to "praise him" until their death. They race on to find a way out of the hotel's endless corridors before the monster catches up to them all, until Rita dies and the Doctor realizes the minotaur feeds on faith not fear.

Filled with shrieks of fright, "The God Complex" ends focused on the season's thematic elements. Check out the scenes that were most striking to me, and chime in on your reaction to the episode. Get excited — there are just two episodes left this season, with the finale entitled "The Wedding of River Song."