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Doesn't My Mii Look Just Like Mii?

Doesn't My Mii Look Just Like Mii?

I asked you readers to join my Mii Challenge by making Wiis to look like yourself or your favorite celebrity and submitting them to the Geeksugar Mii challenge group. Archaeologist and self-described "hardcore nerd to the core" Msugar shared her adorable Mii Doppleganger, which two of her best friends created for her. "When I saw it I laughed extremely hard, mainly because of the look on my Mii," says Msugar. "But I think they got it pretty close to what I actually look like. What do you think?"

For those of you that have not been initiated into the Nintendo Wii world yet, Miis are customizable player characters that you can dress and model after yourself, or your favorite celebrity. They are created with the Wii console, or if you don't have a Wii, you can make one online, take a screen shot of it and save it in the Mii group. So how do you join the geeksugar Mii Challenge?

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