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A Dog With Its Own Yearbook Photo, Plus More of the Week's Best Pics

Jun 1 2014 - 4:47pm

Tell us: have you ever seen a better yearbook picture than this dog one from the photo-hosting site Imgur [1]? Even better is the fact that it's not the only pic from the past week that'll make you smile and want to share. Ahead, check out the best entries (plus one GIF) with the captions just as they were written. Enjoy!

Source: Reddit user stefeyboy via Imgur [2]

"The safest car ever. It can't hit anything."

Source: Reddit user heliurn via Imgur [3]

"Came across this picture on my FB feed."

Source: Reddit user sking301 via Imgur [4]

"We had a photo booth at our wedding [5]. I think my brother-in-law doesn't understand how photo booths work."

Source: Reddit user RyanSmithN via Imgur [6]

"Smart watch, 1984 style."

Source: Reddit user magicbullets via Imgur [7]

"The science building in my university has PERIODIC TABLES."

Source: Imgur user IHateOptimists [8]

"This guy is going places."

Source: Reddit user floppy_genitals via Imgur [9]

"I f*cked up."

Source: Reddit user kenziegracee via Imgur [10]

"Nintendo's official Wii U Gamecube controller adapter!"

Source: Reddit user GamerBlue53 via Imgur [11]

"He's in for a surprise in the morning . . . "

Source: Reddit user SabinatheBrain via Imgur [12]

"School Yearbook."

Source: Reddit user stefeyboy via Imgur [13]

"University grads telling it like it is."

Source: Reddit user TankTheTurtle via Imgur [14]

"I ran into this girl two years in a row, at Sasquatch, both times we were both wearing our triple cat shirts."

Source: Imgur user CatMaster3000 [15]

"Young Cheerleader."

Source: Imgur user vozER [16]

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