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Bulldog Sniffing Tulips Like There's No Tomorrow Is Just One of the Week's Best Pics

Apr 27 2014 - 7:45am

As if you needed more evidence that Spring is here, meet the bulldog who waited his whole life for a tulip-sniffing session. From that amazing photo to an image that perfectly sums up what your iPhone alarm says about you, the best Imgur [1] photos of the week — accompanied by the captions just as they were written — are well worth checking out. We guarantee they'll make you laugh — or else you're just not human.

— Addition reporting by Kelly Schwarze

Source: Reddit user Sum_Bitch via Imgur [2]

"25 creative packaging designs that practically sell themselves."

Source: Reddit user epicnesshunter via Imgur [3]

"Things that I want to do with my life . . . "

Source: Reddit user Shandy_John via Imgur [4]

"Just realised my open bag looks like a happy whale. My life is now complete."

Source: Reddit user MrPatch97 via Imgur [5]

"There are two kinds of people."

Source: Reddit user mattman23 via Imgur [6]

"Why is Nerf marketed to kids? I've never seen two 84 year olds have more fun."

Source: Reddit user knicoled via Imgur [7]

"For future reference."

Source: Imgur user MUHAHAHA55 [8]

"Welcoming the tulips."

Source: Reddit user Sum_Bitch via Imgur [9]

"A fire hydrant downtown."

Source: Reddit user Lazy_Narwhal via Imgur [10]

"So proud of my niece."

Source: Imgur user haikuswilldo [11]

"Told my girlfriend to pick me up the manliest-looking loofa she could find at the store. She got me this."

Source: Reddit user via Imgur [12]

"The perks of taking a jewelry course."

Source: Reddit user nhg92 via Imgur [13]

"So I injected eggs with the liquid from various glow sticks. I was not disappointed."

Source: Reddit user SullenSkies via Imgur [14]

"How to give someone a heart attack."

Source: Imgur user ManaPraxula [15]


Source: Imgur user markymarktwain [16]

"Well, this is just bad news for everyone."

Source: Reddit user Kholby via Imgur [17]

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