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Easy, Time-Saving iPhone Typing Tip

Geek Tip: Another iPhone Typing Shortcut

I'm starting to think Apple might be reading my mind — every time I find something I don't like about my iPhone, I realize they've already thought of a solution. Similar to learning how to quickly scroll to the top of the screen on my iPhone, I wish I would have known about this quick shortcut months ago.

If you're typing a URL into Safari on your phone, there's a convenient ".com" button on the keyboard — great when the suffix to the site you're trying to visit is .com. Not so great when it's a .net or .org site and you have to type it out — or so I thought! Turns out, you just have to touch and hold the ".com" button for a few seconds and a pop-up window appears, displaying .edu, .net, and .org suffix options. Brilliant!

I love learning new tricks for my iPhone, so if you have any to share, please tell me in the comments below.

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