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Edible Geek: Pacman Cupcakes

Flickr user hello_naomi has done it again with her baked-to-edible-geek-perfection video game inspired cupcakes! These vibrant Pacman treats come adorned with the cherries, ghosts and golden Pacman taken from the original arcade video game. Hello naomi confesses that she's added a touch of "artists interpretation" to her geekilicious creations by including an eye on Pacman—Maybe it's just me but I think Pacman looks much better with an eye, now he can see what he's eating! And if you happened to miss her Super Mario cupcakes, you've got to check them out, they are absolutely scrumptious! Scroll down for more Pacman cupcake pics!

pacman cupcakes 4

pacman cupcakes 3

pacman cupcakes 2

pacman cupcakes1

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