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19 Emoji You Wish Existed

Jan 11 2015 - 7:42am

Ever stopped in the middle of your day and randomly wondered about the important things in life — like the emoji that you wish existed? While we can't add these to the list of new emoji coming out (hopefully) soon [1] or to the wonderful pool of diverse emoji [2], we can promise that you'll appreciate these illustrations that don't exist but totally should. Created by Microsoft as a fun project [3], they're perfect for every situation. Until they're official, you can find us turning them into legit emoji [4] all by ourselves.

Source: Microsoft [5]

Eye Roll

Because the girl we thought represented sassiness is just a poser [6], there's no other way to properly express, "Puhlease!"

Source: Microsoft [7]

*Drops Mic*

Because you just said something really crucial and everyone needs to shut up for a minute and soak it all in.

Source: Microsoft [8]

Dancing Beyoncé

Because Beyoncé is life, and life is Beyoncé [9].

Source: Microsoft [10]

Throwing Up

Because you ate something disgusting, and the throw-up emoji explains it all. Also, because your 20th friend just got engaged and the reaction is the same. Think of all the perfect ways you will use this.

Source: Microsoft [11]


Because Taco Tuesday should be all day, every day.

Source: Microsoft [12]


As if you needed an explanation for this one.

Source: Microsoft [13]

Bloody Mary

Because the hungover emoji needs a BFF.

Source: Microsoft [14]


Because you do Batman-like things [15] all the time, duh.

Source: Microsoft [16]

Fingers Crossed

Because you're a swell person who wishes your friends all the luck in the world.

Source: Microsoft [17]

Hot Cheetos

Because you can't type properly when your fingers are covered in red dust.

Source: Microsoft [18]

Neil deGrasse Tyson

Because the guy who pairs the solar system with wine [19] deserves emoji fame and then some.

Source: Microsoft [20]


Because science rules, and what other way to explain when things are outta this world [21]?

Source: Microsoft [22]


Because the hashtag "selfie" isn't cutting it these days.

Source: Microsoft [23]


Because why not? Seriously, give us a reason.

Source: Microsoft [24]


Because burritos represent everything that's good and righteous.

Source: Microsoft [25]


Because you're rocking out to your favorite jams and have never been happier.

Source: Microsoft [26]

Gamer With Helmet

Because you've just experienced Oculus Rift [27] and want everyone to know how life changing it is.

Source: Microsoft [28]


Because the computer emoji that exists now is boring and not as cool as this one.

Source: Microsoft [29]


Because you still get freaked out when you hear about drones, smart contact lenses, self-driving cars, and the rest of the crazy future [30].

Source: Microsoft [31]

See the rest of Microsoft's great emoji ideas here [32]!

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