Eternity's Child, originally bound for Xbox Live Arcade, has jumped ship and is hitting the Wii for your downloading pleasure sometime later this year. Although Eternity's Child hasn't really been on my radar, I'm totally into the fact that it's fully hand drawn, similar to one of my other faves, Odin Sphere and is an old school side scroller a la Super Mario Bros.

The game revolves around Angel, a winged creature who is trying to find others like him after a breakdown of his dreamlike planet. Pollution has melted the ice caps and floods have wreaked havoc on the population so, natch, an evil bunch is trying to take over and destroy what is left of Angel's home. Even though it doesn't sound all that original, the look of the game more than makes up for the overplayed storyline. Take an early look at the Eternity's Child gallery thanks to Gamespy below.