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Fabulous Pure Flip Video Camera

There's been a lot of talk across the blogosphere about Pure's new Flip Video Camera, but I wasn't sure about it until I got a chance to test it out. How do I feel now? I think it's called love.

I took the Flip Video to one of my sister's dance performances last week and even though I was sitting about 20 rows back, I managed to clearly capture both the dance and the music. After I figured out how to subtly turn the camera on while the crowd was clapping (it makes a tiny beep which seemed to really bother my uptight neighbor), I just pointed it at the stage, pressed the red record button and voilà! I am the next Sofia Coppola.

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The Pure Flip Video camera was designed with users like myself in mind. I want to have easy access to a light, portable and quality camcorder, but I'm not ready to commit to a $2,000 device. Because the camera has simple "power," "play," "delete," and "record" buttons, it's virtually fool proof. It has a 2X zoom and allows you to do instant playback like any other camcorder, but unlike any other camcorder, it has a built-in Flip Video Software Program that launches directly from the camcorder (see the flip out USB arm? It plugs right into your computer). Using the program you can view, organize, and locally archive your videos in a clip-based library system. You can also capture still photos from video clips and edit your videos to create fun montages and YouTube ready videos.

I've always been the woman that whips out her digital camera at every event to take pictures, but I had never actually used a camcorder because I hate the idea of all the post-shooting work. The Flip Cam kills the need for tapes, memory cards or batteries and packs all your video needs into a sleek, simple camera that will fit in your purse, diaper bag or palm. Even better, the fact that you can capture still photos means you don't have to carry your digital camera too.










It comes in two models, one 30-minute version with a 512 MB flash memory, and one 60-minute version with 1 GB of memory. It has a 1.4 inch color screen for instant viewing and the flip-out USB 2.0 Arm connects to PC or Mac. You can also use the included cable to connect to your TV and plug in a microphone or speaker.

The 30-minute Flip Video is $102.99 on Amazon and available in electronic and drug stores around the country.


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