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Facebook Rolls Out Newsfeed Subscriptions: What It Means For You

Sep 14 2011 - 1:59pm

Facebook will be rolling out a new feature over the next few days called Subscriptions. It will allow Facebook users to subscribe to public updates from people they aren't friends with [1]. For example, you can get updates from celebs, journalists, scientists, whoever — in your newsfeed if they've enabled public subscriptions on their page. Even better, you can customize what you see from your real Facebook friends through subscriptions — opting to see all updates, some updates, or just the important ones that pertain to big news like new jobs, babies, and more. Find out how it all works in the gallery.


If there are people you'd like to follow, click their "Subscribe" button. Of course, if they have not enabled subscriptions, you won't see this button or be able to get their public updates in your newsfeed without being friends.

Choose Your Updates

Choose which updates you see from your friends in your feed. Go to their profile page, and click "Subscriptions." If they have not enabled subscriptions, you won't be able to customize this feature.

Choose Your Security

You can choose to make your updates public for your followers, select just your friends, or customize further by only allowing specific people to see your updates.

Manage Your Notifications

You can choose to get an email every time a new person subscribes to your feed by heading to Account Settings > Notifications > All Notifications > Facebook, then checking (or unchecking) the box marked "Subscribes to your public updates."

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