Facebook Timeline Apps

The Pros and Cons of Facebook Timeline Apps (and Which Ones You Need Now)

Facebook Timeline Apps

Facebook is an ever-evolving thing. One minute you love it, the next minute it goes and changes something and you're back to learning how to use it all over again. Such is life, I suppose. This time, Facebook has added even more ways for you to share what you're doing and when with Timeline apps. Timeline apps connect with some of your favorite websites and mobile apps to share your activities.

As we've learned to expect from Facebook, all changes come with some pros and cons. Pro: Facebook believes that in this time of openness and sharing, you can discover more awesome things by seeing what your friends are reading, eating, drinking, watching, and doing. Apps help make this a reality. The con? You already have friends that overshare about their bodily functions, babies, and daily to-do lists — do you really need to know the route they took on their 4.6-mile run today, or which vacation spots they've been to? It could be overkill. Thankfully, you have options. The new Activity Log on your timeline allows you to see all of the apps you've installed on your Facebook page, and select whether or not to show them in your timeline. If you choose not to show any apps in your Timeline, they'll still show up in the Ticker (on the top right of your news feed page), but you won't be mucking up your friends' pages with stuff they may not care about.

So now that you know what happens when you install apps into your Timeline, which apps could be beneficial to you (and your friends') lives? I'll tell you about a few in the slideshow.


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