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10 FOMO Moments We All Experience These Days

Dec 14 2014 - 3:41pm

Look, we all go through common FOMO moments [1]. But tech FOMO just might be the hardest to get over. How crappy are all these scenarios?

Source: ABC Family [2]

When a New Phone Comes Out and You Just Used Your Upgrade

When Friends Leave You Out of a Group Text

When You Don't Have a Reason to Use the Dancing Girls Emoji

When You Still Haven't Downloaded Candy Crush

When IT Gives Your Co-Worker a Bigger Desktop Monitor

Source: DHX Media [3]

When Your 15-Year-Old Cousin Has More Twitter Followers Than You

When Your Phone Is Too Old to Upgrade to the Newest iOS

When You've Had the Same Phone Case Forever

When You Use a Windows Phone and Don't Have Snapchat

When You're Too Broke to Pay For Unlimited Data

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