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People Who Prove Flappy Bird Will Ruin and Enrich Your Life

Feb 3 2014 - 12:44pm

In case you have't heard, Flappy Bird [1] is a dangerous thing. The game — which came out last year — has suddenly shot up in popularity. It's fun and simple (like grade-school simple), because all you have to do is tap the screen to keep a bird from falling in between Super Mario-esque green pipes. But that tap, tap, tapping can easily become addictive, leading to nightmares, loss of appetite, and mood swings. There are just too many feelings to count, but you can get a sense of 'em from these brave tweeters. Stay strong, gamers. Stay strong.

"We Lied," They Said

Get #flappybird [2] they said, it'll be fun they said . pic.twitter.com/vaL8VBf2kM [3]

— nick- delahay (@nick_delahay) February 2, 2014 [4]

Epic iTunes Review, Coming Right Up

"Whoever made this game is an evil mastermind on a plot to control every human being in the entire world once this game is on your device all hope is lost you will never have your life back even if you're like me who holds back your anger knowing it is but a game even this will not save you." — Deth bird [5]

One Thing Leads to Another . . .

flappy bird flappy bir flappy bi flappy b flappy flapp flap fla fl f fr fru frus frust frustr frustra frustrat frustratio frustration

— Flappy Bird Problems (@FlappyBrdPrblmz) January 30, 2014 [6]

One Direction Member Liam Payne Didn't Even Tweet This About Flappy Bird, but Twitter Thought He Might as Well Have

"I downloaded flappy bird" pic.twitter.com/pAvAkjASVk [7]

— ☾harrys kfc☽ (@hurrehstiles) February 3, 2014 [8]

It's a Group Effort

Do not download Flappy Bird Retweet to save a life

— Life As Bros (@LifeAsBros) February 3, 2014 [9]

Pro Tip: Never Let Your Insides Show

perfect representation of me playing flappy bird pic.twitter.com/LBROPDvQG2 [10]

— ayyy m8 (@NxrryGucci) January 31, 2014 [11]

Disturbing Review No. 2

"The joy you feel after finally beating your record is indescribable and the boiling anger you feel inside of you instantly diffuses only to fill you with false hope that you may be able to do it again and possibly even do it better. This is what will convince you to keep playing. But the agonizing cycle inevitably resumes again with the dreaded smack of a sound effect punch, once again refueling the hatred for the bird right back into every fiber of your being." — Someone Random123 [12]

Pain . . . So Much Pain

when you're about to beat your high score on flappy bird and then you fall pic.twitter.com/4oEox9n352 [13]

— slim shady (@zainasallam) February 3, 2014 [14]

It Brings Out The Hunger Games in All of Us

when you die on flappy bird pic.twitter.com/Oe79VEbt4F [15]

— Brick Tamland (@Ch4BrickTamland) February 3, 2014 [16]

Rated D

The things people are saying on the review page of flappy bird. HAHAHAHA. "Rated D for demonic" "This bird is pure evil"

— Kelvin Tham (@tham_10) February 3, 2014 [17]

Go Away Now


— shan❄ (@alrightshan) February 3, 2014 [18]

So Many Questions

a flappy bird review. pic.twitter.com/1oFKbb44QN [19]

— Tolu (@ToluwalaseA) February 3, 2014 [20]

Here Come Anger-Management Classes

If flappy bird was a person.. pic.twitter.com/YOh2gyQ7PB [21]

— Lewison (@Lewis0n) February 3, 2014 [22]

It's Simple

How to play flappy bird: 1. tap 2. lose 200 times in a row 3. yell 4. throw phone across room 5. cry

— Karl Ramos (@ohmyprettykarl) February 3, 2014 [23]

Do Not Be Ashamed

RT if you have ever been personally victimized by flappy bird RAISED HANDRAISED HANDRAISED HAND pic.twitter.com/RcSsLtXjak [24]

— Alexiaa ✌️ (@Pocxhontxs) February 3, 2014 [25]


flappy bird is deep... pic.twitter.com/FuYG3MlFuk [26]

— (@NuteIla) February 2, 2014 [27]

Just One More

Playing Flappy Bird: "Alright last game" *dies* "Alright last game" *dies* "Alright last game" *dies* "Alright last game" *dies*

— Kingsley Isilebo (@kingsleyisilebo) February 3, 2014 [28]

"I Haven't Eaten"

Brilliant Flappy Bird review pic.twitter.com/ZekGKxgzZa [29]

— Bitch Problems ✌ (@lnsaneTweets) January 31, 2014 [30]

Someone Save Us All

2011: angry birds 2012: temple run 2013: candy crush 2014: flappy bird WHAT WILL HAPPEN IN 2015 !! SATAN I SEE U

— zarra ˘◡˘ (@1D_takeitall) February 3, 2014 [31]

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