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Genius Ways to Upcycle Your Floppy Disks

Feb 7 2015 - 2:25pm

If you've written off floppy disks as a thing of the past, think again! These awesome little pieces of plastic may not have much use technology-wise today, but you can still give them the love that they deserve. After spotting some awesome floppy disk art [1] on Reddit, we were inspired to find more ways to turn this old-school hardware [2] into something fresh and fun. Check out 10 cool DIYs that will give you a good reason to dust off the floppy disks hiding in your basement.

Source: Shutterstock [3]

Craft a pen holder

Source: Etsy user GeekGear [4]

Grow an air plant

Source: Etsy user westautumn [5]

Make a clock from scratch

Source: Reddit user grapesodabandit via Imgur [6]

Build a night light

Source: Etsy user FloppyDiskCreations [7]

Make a mini notebook

Source: Etsy user PipingHotPapers [8]

Upgrade a wall clock

Source: Cafepress user Science-Photo-Library [9]

Create geek-chic coasters

Source: Etsy user TechnoChic [10]

Send a colorful card

Source: Etsy user Beanstergoods [11]

Turn it into art

Source: Etsy user CrankyPickle [12]

Make magnets

Source: Etsy user FloppyDiskCreations [13]

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