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MTV and Foursquare Partner For Jersey Shore-Themed GTL Badge

Jan 6 2011 - 1:45pm

The last time MTV and Foursquare partnered for a badge, it was a respectable Get Yourself Tested badge [1] to encourage everyone to get tested for STDs. Now, in celebration of tonight's Jersey Shore season three premiere [2], Foursquare is launching a new MTV-themed badge, the GTL badge [3], which stands for the iconic JS-coined phrase "gym, tan, laundry."

To earn the badge, you must first follow MTV on Foursquare and then have to check into one location for each action in a seven-day period: the gym, a tanning salon or the beach, and a laundromat (or, your own laundry room, presumably). As a not-so-secret fan of Jersey Shore (at least as a guilty indulgence), I'm excited about the badge, but the health nerd in me can't help advocating against tanning salons — hit the beach if you can (wear sunscreen!) or try out a spray tan [4]. No Foursquare badge is worth skin cancer!

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