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Foursquare's Swarm Helps You Find Friends, Make Plans

May 15 2014 - 1:49pm

Mobilizing friends to get off Reddit and head across town to go out isn't easy. Foursquare's new app, Swarm [1] (free, iOS and Android), hopes to help plan makers spring their homegirls and homeboys into action with its location-based features that show you who's nearby and ready to meet up.

Swarm is very similar to Facebook Nearby Friends [2], a real-time friend tracker, except it integrates the best of Foursquare: fight for mayorship among followers, check into locations, and search your old check-ins. A brand-new feature is Plans, where you can blast out a message like "Who wants to see a movie tonight? or "Heading to the park in 20 minutes — who wants to join?" to everyone following you on Foursquare.

The Foursquare app is shedding its check-in feature and taking on Yelp by focusing on discovery tools. Scroll down to see what Swarm is all about, and let us know — will you let your friends track where you are?

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