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5 Superb Sites For Free Desktop Wallpapers

Mar 23 2011 - 4:00pm

The appeal of changing your desktop wallpaper is obvious — it's free (or at least it should be), it's easy, and you get a mental refresher every time you look at your computer screen. While the factory shipped or personal photos make find backgrounds, there are hundreds of wallpaper websites on the web that can add a little arty pizzazz to your computer's look. Time to download a whole new wardrobe for your little baby!


Repeat-x-Repeaty [1] offers hundreds of patterns shared by artists. Love what you see? You can use and contribute to the cool collective for free.

Kindred Wallpapers

Two friends, sharing similar passions, yet living thousands of miles apart, decided to create small artistic projects together. The name of their project is Kindred (for their kindred spirit friendship — anyone see Anne of Green Gables?), with the first installment consisting of beautiful artistic wallpapers [2]. The theme of the wallpapers is "Winter: Dreams" and includes five divine wallpapers. Just click on the arrows at the top left of the page to advance to the next wallpaper, and click on the correct wallpaper size below to get the perfect fit for your desktop. To save, right click and "set as desktop background" or drag to your desktop.

Always Mod's Marimekko

I'm an unabashed Marimekko freak so the desktop wallpapers [3] in some of Marimekko's classic prints are in heavy rotation.

Real Simple

Real Simple has some refreshingly sweet and earnest wallpapers for your desktop [4], each with a thought or quote to inspire you, or at least keep you going until it's time to leave. Don't worry, for those of you who were scared off by the funky iPhoneky wallpapers [5], these are mostly tame still-life images.

iPad Decor

Dressing an iPad? iPad users are free to decorate their screens any way they see fit. For some pretty image suggestions, check out iPad Decor [6], a site by photographer Jorge Quinteros full of gorgeous photos cropped for optimized iPad display. In addition to the beautiful imagery, each photo has a caption detailing exactly what it depicts and where the photo was taken.

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