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How to Design a Simple, Stylish Blog

Jul 29 2013 - 4:27am

When it comes to starting a website, design is crucial and sometimes less is more. Not only is a clean and user-friendly site easy to navigate, it allows your content to standout and be seen. If you're in a the process of starting your own blog, website, or portfolio, we've pulled our favorite, minimalist templates from top platforms like Wordpress [1] and Squarespace [2]. Since customization and coding can get complicated and pricey, these free options are great way to build your brand in minutes without a hiring a professional.

Source: Instagram user cordaay [3]


Sign up for WordPress [4] and anything is possible. Although it is meant for expansive customization, coding, and plug-ins, here are some basic templates to start with.

Themes to Consider, listed clockwise:


For a website that looks custom without coding resources at hand, turn to Squarespace [8]. The templates are stunning and photo-friendly. While it's hard to pick one, start with any one of these three templates.

Themes to Consider, listed clockwise.


Chances are you have a Tumblr [12] or have at least considered starting one. Like a social network and blog in one, the themes are endless. With so many options, starting a Tumblr can feel overwhelming; consider these simple templates to start.

Themes to Consider, listed clockwise.


Avid Google users may already be using Blogger [16]. It's a free service and intuitive, especially if you're interested in a personal website or blog. While themes for Blogger can be both kitschy or cool, here are some basic templates to begin with.

Themes to Consider, listed clockwise:


Although there is a monthly fee, Typepad [20] is a great platform for bloggers and business alike. If you're looking for a truly unique site, some knowledge of coding is necessary. If not, consider one of these pre-defined themes to that allow for custom colors and banners.

Themes to Consider, listed clockwise:

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