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Free iPhone 4 Cases at iPhone 4 Press Conference

Steve Jobs Takes the Stage For "Antennagate" Press Briefing; Surprises and Delights Us With Free Cases

Steve Jobs took the stage in Cupertino this morning to discuss the recent state of events surrounding the iPhone 4. Steve started his "Antennagate" presentation by saying "We're not perfect" and went on to reveal what Apple has found over the past 22 days of research: mainly, that touching your iPhone 4 in a certain way isn't unique to Apple's products — it also effects other phones like the BlackBerry 9700, the HTC Droid Eris, and the Samsung Omnia — and that the team didn't think that this would be "a big problem."

And apparently, it's really not. Statistics show that less than half of a percent of iPhone 4 users have called AppleCare to complain about reception problems, and only 1.7 percent have actually returned their devices, which is significantly less than the iPhone 3GS's return rate of 6 percent. And according to AT&T's data, the iPhone 4 drops one additional call than the iPhone 3GS does for every 100 calls made.

So what is Apple prepared to do about the so-called "Antennagate"? Find out after the break.

Starting late next week, everyone gets a free case! Those of you who already bought your Bumper cases will be refunded, and those who haven't can log in to Apple's website and choose from a number of cases (not just the Apple-issued Bumpers), and it will ship to you free of charge.

Additionally, the proximity sensor will be fixed with the next iOS 4 update, which should solve that pesky reflective ear canal problem we've been hearing about.


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leeluvfashion leeluvfashion 5 years
This antenna-issue talk annoys me terribly. Therefor I need to have a rant of my own: - The antenna is only blocked when the phone is held in a position that I highly doubt most actually choose since it is uncomfortable on wrist. The phone is held either in the middle with maybe one finger bracing the bottom (when vertical) or at the base of each end (when horizontal.) Not at the very bottom of each sides; which is why the antenna is most likely placed in that particular area. - All phones have a small area on the phone with an antenna. As Jobs smartly pointed out, if you cover the antenna on any phone, there will be an issue. I have had it happen on a Blackberry, virtually never with my iPhone due to my explanation above, and long ago with a Nokia and Verizon's line. - Phone manufacturers are angry. Apple is taking revenue due to the fact they have a superior product. I do not say this statement because I am a brand devotee (or "label lover" as some say against those who praise Apple) unable to admit to there being a better product by another brand. I say this because it shows when actually using an Apple iPhone for a long period of time; for me, 2 years. No other company can create a "phone" (which IMO, is an insult to the gadget) as good or better than Apple has. Other brands have too many outside sources touching the new "iphone killer"; they have no control over the final product, the carrier makes their own yes/no decisions; the touch-screen software is not woven into the entire format. Apple has control policies for a reason, avoiding the costly mistakes made by others. Those companies are hiring people to rant n' rave about how poor Apple's products are, to cry about the rotten "antenna problems", they did the same regarding the "exploding battery" and the cycle will continue. Lastly, if someone dislikes the brand or dislikes their iPhone to the point of basically calling the brand trash... return the product and if insanely angry at Apple, maybe begin to hang out with (B.) Kevin Turner and Steve Ballmer.
JenBrett JenBrett 5 years
wow, didn't realize i was logged in
aniline aniline 5 years
That's surprising! I like free things. I already bought a case for until I get a Gelaskin, but there's no wrong reason to have an extra.
lauren lauren 5 years
Well isn't that nice of apple!
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