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5 Fun Lenses to Add to Your Camera Arsenal

Aug 24 2012 - 7:19am

Making photography fun is the hobby's number one requirement. When wanting to add some spunk to your picture-taking routine (and potentially come up with some seriously amazing images in the process), check out these lenses that can be swapped out for your regular DSLR lens.

Diana+ ($60)

Love the look of the plastic Lomo camera, but don't want to futz around with film? The Diana+ lens and adapter [1] can help you get that same feel in digital form.

Lomo-Fi Micro 4/3 Lens ($90)

Take your super advanced digital DSLR down a few notches with the Lomo-Fi lens [2] that puts a little analog low-contrast, vignetting, bokeh, and shallow depth of field back into your pics.

RainbowImaging 35MM F1.7 TV Lens ($36)

Fitting your Sony NEX, Olympus, and Panasonic cameras, this small 35MM lens [3] puts some fun back into your photography. Look forward to shallow depth of field, bokeh, and dreamy photos with this lens.

SLR Pinhole Lens ($50)

Beautifully lo-fi, the Pinhole lens [4] for Canon and Nikon cameras makes your photos look like they were taken out of a cereal box camera, but without all the mess.

Subjektiv 4-in-1 Lens ($249)

Like toting four lenses in one, the Subjektiv lens [5] for Canon and Nikon packs pinhole, plastic, glass, and zone plate lenses in one small lens. The Pinhole and plastic produce lo-fi shots, a decidedly diffused look with the zone plate, while glass gives you pops of color.

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