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Fun and Crafty PaperBird at

Website of the Day: PaperBird at Mckibillo

As geeky as I am, every once in a blue moon I tend to break away from my MacBook as I feel the need to get crafty. If Origami sounds a bit too daunting, but you find yourself in a DIY mood with extra time, I suggest checking out PaperBird at

All it takes to make the aviaries is a pair of scissors and some glue. Free to download, these little guys look great perched around your house and are fun to make on a rainy afternoon like yesterday, when I was cooped up in my apartment trying to stay dry. Here's a bonus if you're an artist: Mckbillio is looking for submissions for new ideas for the next little birdie to make its way to the website. Check out the gallery of homemade birds below. Yes, I did in fact make all four. What? I couldn't decide which one I wanted on my desk!







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