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13 Flawless Responses to Autocorrects Gone Wrong

Apr 14 2015 - 4:05pm

In the world of texting, we've got wrong number messages [1], emojis [2], and pranks [3] to keep us entertained. All that's missing? Autocorrect fails that are embarrassing and hilarious all at once. And what makes them even better? These perfect reactions that deserve to be copied.

Source: Youtube user Jessie Ramires [4]

This Person Who's Good at Clarifying

This Person With a First-Rate Sense of Humor

This Person Who Doesn't Even Care

This Person With No Soul

This Person Who Finds Beauty in Everything

This Person Who's Now Turned Off

This Person Who Should Have Made Their Joke Sooner

This Person Who Never Bothered to Respond

This Person Who's Thoroughly Disgusted

This Bully

This Person Who Calls It Like It Is

This Person Who's Full of Puns

And This Person Who's Genuinely Confused

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