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Funny Family Tech Stories 2009-11-30 09:20:07

My Funny Family Tech Story: Mom Gets Facebook Savvy

Has anyone turned you onto the latest popular and hilarious Twitter account written by a 29-year-old who lives with his 73-year-old dad? It's a riot! Some of the things he says — especially related to tech — remind me of my own family. I've mentioned my less than tech-savvy mother before, but lately she's certainly making an effort to learn more and more about technology.

I wasn't too surprised when I got a Facebook friend request from her a few weeks ago; a lot of her friends use the site, and I'm already FB friends with my dad and my grandmother. I happily accepted and was impressed to see she was able to upload several profile photos and join her local network on her own. Way to go, mom! The surprise came a few weeks later, when I was visiting for a large family dinner.

Everyone at the table was talking about some adorable photos of my nieces that I hadn't seen. Literally, every single person at our gathering was talking about the pictures. "Hey, did anyone bother sending them to me?" I asked as the room grew silent. For my mom's reply,


"I posted them on Facebook," my mom answered. I must have looked especially stunned because everyone in the room nodded in agreement. "I figured that was the easiest way," she continued. "I mean, everyone is on Facebook."

I couldn't decide whether I should feel proud of her or be stunned that she hadn't bothered to tell me about the photos before. I suppose I should have checked her Facebook page first! Definitely not the first funny family tech story I've heard, but they never fail to make me laugh.

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