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13 Times Siri Got So Sassy, It Hurt

Dec 30 2015 - 6:45pm

Siri — what a gift, that girl. Not only can she streamline your life [1] in ways you never thought possible, but she can also make you giggle out loud until you realize you're talking to a machine. No judgment here, though. We know what a sassy boss she can be, starting with these 13 hilarious examples.

Source: Reddit user BlindingBlackout via Imgur [2]; Front Page Image Source: Nicole Nguyen


Source: Reddit user koproller via Imgur [3]

Try again.

Source: Reddit user Tarty2000 via Imgur [4]


Source: Reddit user zakrak4 via Imgur [5]

Are you Siri-ous?

Source: Imgur user Shiroko [6]

Problem solver.

Source: Reddit user uiui via Imgur [7]

Witty, that girl.

Source: Imgur user DandalfTheGay [8]

Well, she's right.

Source: Imgur user UDOTU [9]


Source: Reddit user BinaryRage via Imgur [10]


Source: Reddit user MossmanIII via Imgur [11]

Try saying that one fast.

Source: Imgur user thebrownknightrises [12]

She never lies.

Source: Reddit user BlindingBlackout via Imgur [13]

Come again?

Source: Imgur user ThougtsAtRandom [14]

Don't get it twisted.

Source: Imgur user SileAnimusIIIIINotOnImgur [15]

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