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The 13 Craziest World Cup Moments, in GIFs

Jul 14 2014 - 9:48am

When hilarious memes [1] and Tim Howard tweets [2] or that sad, sad Brazil game [3] weren't enough, these GIFs gave the World Cup games some extra spice. From the headlines you've seen (That awful bite! The flying goal!) to the amazing sideline moments, check out the highlights that made this tournament so memorable. Until next time . . .

Source: Ian MacNicol/Getty Images [4]

The Goal That Won the World Cup

By none other than the German substitute Mario Götz.

Those Utterly Inconsolable Brazil Fans

Remember that one time Brazil got destroyed [5] by Germany?

Source: BBC Sport [6]

Tim Howard Acting Like a Boss

During the US vs. Belgium game [7]. But also, during life [8].

Source: ESPN [9]

The Adorable Dance the Colombians Do After Every Goal

Source: ESPN [10]

When Costa Rica's Joel Campbell Pretended to Be Pregnant, Just Like His Girlfriend

His way of celebrating a goal.

Source: ABC [11]

This Hilarious Chilean Fan That Hates Spain

Source: ESPN [12]

When Uruguay's Luis Suárez Chomped Into Italy's Giorgio Chiellini

Source: ESPN [13]

That Traumatic Moment in the Argentina vs. Switzerland Game

Source: ESPN [14]

This Incredible Goal by Colombia's James Rodriguez

Source: ABC [15]

Every One of the Mexico Coach's Reactions

Source: ESPN [16]

The Ghana Team's Synchronized Trot

Source: ESPN [17]

That Amazing Goal by Robin van Persie (aka the Flying Dutchman)

Source: ESPN [18]

Australian Fans Losing Their Minds

Source: ESPN [19]

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