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Galaxy S4 Gold Edition

Samsung Tries to Go For the Gold: Are You Buying It?

Samsung Gulf, the company's Middle Eastern outlet, sent a mysterious tweet yesterday touting the iPhone 5S's newest rival: a gold-edition Galaxy S4. The photo shows a "Gold Brown" and a "Gold Pink" S4 gleaming in the light of the desert sun.

This gilded Galaxy S4 is undoubtedly a response to Apple's new iPhone 5S, which, in a certain light, looks more like a blond silver. The phone depicted in Samsung Gulf's photo looks like it has a metallic backplate that, when viewed from the rear, may be indistinguishable from a brick of gold.

There's no evidence of a gold-edition Galaxy S4 on Samsung AE's site — or any Samsung page, for that matter. The closest thing is probably this Giorgio Armani GA2 phone. But if Samsung does release a golden version for its Galaxy S4, are you buying it?


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