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Game of Thrones Treats Worthy of the Iron Throne

Jan 10 2015 - 2:46pm

When you play the Game of Thrones, you win — or you end up dessert! HBO's hit series [1], based on George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire novels, returns on Sunday, April 12. After you've caught up with the past two seasons [2], throw a premiere party complete with Game of Thrones-themed baked goodies.

Whipping up everything from incredible Iron Throne cakes to delicious dragon egg cookies, we've gathered treats so sweet, they'd make even the very serious Jon Snow smile. Check out all the Game of Thrones after-dinner delectables in the gallery and share your homemade geeky treats with us!

Source: Facebook user Semi Sweet [3], Game of Thrones [4], and Instagram user birdiejewelry [5]

Ned Stark Cake Pop

It's hard not to get squeamish looking at this cake pop reenactment of Ned Stark's beheading by Instagram user birdiejewelry [6]. Check out the original recipe by Jennifer Thurston of Not Your Momma's Cookie [7].

Dragon Egg Cookies

Think Daenerys of House Targaryen should rule Westeros? Try your hand at Semi Sweet Design's artfully airbrushed dragon egg cookies [8].

Source: Facebook user Semi Sweet [9]

Iron Throne Cake

To celebrate the DVD launch of season one, Game of Thrones commissioned this incredible Iron Throne cake for the festivities.

Source: Facebook user Game of Thrones [10]

House Sigil Cookies

Commemorate House Targaryen, Stark, and Lannister with cookies bearing each sigil. Follow this step-by-step guide by Not Your Momma's Cookie [11].

Source: Facebook user Not Your Momma's Cookie [12]

House Lannister Cupcakes

We're totally amazed by the likeness of the Lannisters on these cupcakes by Love Your Cake [13] of Vancouver.

Source: Facebook user Love Your Cake [14]

House Stark Cupcakes

See if you can name all of the Starks on these delectable cupcakes by Vancouver-based Love Your Cake [15].

Source: Facebook user Love Your Cake [16]

Iron Throne Cake

Now this is how you celebrate a birthday. This Iron Throne cake was crafted by Florida-based Melissa Andrews of Sweet Eats [17].

Source: Instagram user _assiehiney [18]

Fondant House Sigil Cupcakes

The intricate fondant work atop these cupcakes by Philippines-based The Regali Kitchen [19] is what makes these desserts almost too precious to eat!

Source: Facebook user The Regali Kitchen [20]

Game of Thrones Cookie Stamps

Make your own GoT treats with cookie stamps for House Baratheon [21], Targaryen [22], Lannister [23], Stark [24], Tyrell [25], Arryn [26], and Tully [27] for $12 each by Etsy user totalum.

Sansa's Favorite Lemon Cakes

The young Stark loves her some lemon cake. Try this medieval lemon cake [28] recipe by the official Game of Thrones food blog, Inn at the Crossroads.

Source: Instagram user serloras [29]

Iron Throne Blonde Ale

Wash it all down with Ommegang Brewery's Limited Edition Iron Throne Blonde Ale [30].

Source: Instagram user nickythump [31]

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