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Brace Yourself For Jon Snow's Slow Jamz

Apr 4 2014 - 5:16pm

Throwing a Game of Thrones party [1] for the season four premiere? Set the mood with sweet sounds lifted from the characters' own iPods. OK, so maybe these are hypothetical playlists — created by the musical maestros at Rdio [2] — but we'd like to think that these picks are pretty close to what the characters would have curated for themselves.

Source: HBO [3]

Jon Snow is probably weepy all the time because he's listening to the saddest Pink Floyd and Bruce Springsteen melodies. In fact, at last year's Comic-Con [4], actor Kit Harington admitted he can "be quite . . . emo. If Jon had an iPod, it would have exactly the same type of music as me." Soft rock on, Kit.

Source: Rdio [5]

Anyhow, play these tunes to get pumped up for the season premiere — then make a GoT playlist of your own. Maybe a sad one for Robb Stark (RIP, brotha)? Or a "Who Let the Dogs Out"-inspired one for the direwolves?


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