Geek Gear For Your Dog

Geek Gear For You and Your Dog

Geek Gear For Your Dog

I get lots of emails and messages asking for help on picking out a new computer, sound system, and cell phone, but not too often do I get asked for help to prepare for a new addition – a new dog! Community member nxtannawintour sent me the following message:

I'm in the process of buying a dachshund, which I've named Link - after Legends of Zelda, of course. Now I'm looking for gamer-esque accessories for the dog, like a collar, leash, and carrier. Do you know of any websites that sell anything of that sort? I come to the blog for all things geek for chicks and I felt that this would be the most qualified place to ask!

How could I resist!? I'm not all that familiar with doggie goods, so I've asked my pal PetSugar to get in on the action — she's got you covered on geeky pet accessories, while I'm offering up geeky gear which you can use to help you train, keep track of, and celebrate your pooch every day. Check out my selections here, but then head over to see what kinds of goodies PetSugar has found for your furry friends!