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Geek Out: Share Your Geeky Photos

Tis the season of vacation, which means many of you are jetting cross countries and oceans for some much needed relaxation, exploration and adventure. That also means many of you are out bumping into technology, gadgets, ideas and stores you've never seen before.

Chuger recently returned from a work trip to Japan and Korea, where he noticed this great "Natural Internet Park." It appears to be a regular internet cafe, but is being marketed as an eco, earth-loving establishment. "Natural escapes are huge and Seoul is a pretty concrete city," says Chuger. "The internet café isn’t really natural, it just has pictures of trees and plants, I just thought it was funny."




Have you been to a geeky museum exhibit recently or run across funny gadgets while traveling? Share your photos, news, reviews and observations with me and I'll feature my favorites on the homepage. To learn how to post your finds to the Geeky Things I Love, read more

I know that this long list looks scary, but trust me, once you get the hang of it, it'll be a snap the second time around.

  1. First of all, join the Geeky Things I Love
  2. Click "Create and Share!" on the left hand side
  3. Choose "Blog"
  4. Give your photo a Title
  5. Leave the category as "general"
  6. Change the channel to "technology and gadgets"
  7. Add keyword(s) (for example mine for this post was "museum, Lego")
  8. Click on the "Add Image" link below the "body" box
  9. A popup window will happen - click on "Browse" to find your image on your computer
  10. Once you have the image chosen, click "Submit"
  11. The popup will show you your image, choose size: "normal" - if you want, you can give it a title (which will show up as a caption)
  12. Click "Insert" and the popup will go away
  13. Your "body" box will now have some text in it. Leave it as is. If you want to add some text before the picture telling me why you love the download, do it before the code that has appeared.
  14. Click Submit

So join the Geeky Things I Love and start sharing your finds. They might end up on the geeksugar homepage!


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