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Geek Tip: Double-Click the iPhone's Home Button for Easy Access

Double-Click the iPhone's Home Button For Easy Access

While I've been sporting an iPhone for nearly two years, I'm willing to bet your chosen gadget of the decade could be found wrapped under many Christmas trees this year! Is there anything this phone can't do? Every time I turn around it seems I'm bringing you another iPhone tip, but I can't get enough of the awesome shortcuts and general life improvement it offers. Today's tip: double-clicking the "home" button to access the iPhone function of your choice.

When your phone is locked, the double-click controls your phone's iPod. I use this new tip to control my iPhone when it's unlocked. Under the "settings" menu, select "general" and then "home." The screen displayed allows you to control which function displays when you double-click the home button: home, search, favorites, camera, or iPod. I like to keep my phone set to bring up the camera when I double-click. That way, I'm sure to never miss a shot!

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