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Geek Tip: Protecting The Screen On Your Gadgets

I used to think putting a screen protector on your phone was as dorky as the hard plastic covers my great-grandma kept on her "fancy living" room's furniture. However, the ever-increasing cost of smartphones (specifically iPhones!) and the fact that most of us keep our cell phones for a year or three, makes the idea of protecting our screens pretty favorable.

I finally gave in and put an iQuase Film, $19.99 for two, on my iPhone to protect it from smudge marks and scratches. The great thing about the film is that it's a lot like the film that came with the iPhone - it doesn't require a water or soap solution and is easy enough to put on. I have to admit I did a sloppy job on my first try, but TeamSugar saw me struggling and suggested I try using a credit card to gently smooth out the bubbles. It worked like a charm. What about your other devices? You can pick up screen protectors for your other phone models, portable gaming devices and even your digital camera screen from stores like Best Buy, Frey's or even the electronic aisle of your local drug store.





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