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Geek Tip: TiVo Guru Guide For Valentine's Day

Geek Tip: TiVo Guru Guide For Valentine's Day

I am so not one of those people who, when single, hates Valentine's Day. I have always loved the day, mostly because I love getting cards, candy (candy!), and little gifts. I also love pink and red hearts everywhere for a short amount of time — it's like a brief explosion of girliness and then it goes away. Another reason I have never had a chance to be bitter about Valentine's Day is that I've always had like-minded girlfriends around me who want to celebrate having each other and not necessarily a significant other. My favorite all-girls celebrations always, always revolve around a TV. Whether it's a Sex and the City DVD marathon or romantic-comedy movie fest, there's nothing better than wine, friends, and a flat screen. I miss this stuff so much that I'm making my boyfriend start a new V-Day TV tradition with me.

Here's where my other boyfriend, TiVo, comes in! TiVo has compiled a Valentine's Day Guru Guide for couch potatoes like me full of old movies and TV shows. There's a few different guides, so you can mix and match programs like Sabrina and Funny Face to your heart's desire!


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