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Geek Tip: Turn Off Your iTunes Before Closing Your Laptop

I suppose this is more of a Geek PSA than a tip — but trust me, you want to know this one. Last night I was happily rocking out to my new favorite song — a MGMT/David Bowie mashup — when my dinner delivery arrived. I quickly shut my laptop computer before answering the door, and didn't open it again for the rest of the night.

This morning when I arrived at work, I opened my computer, and to my complete embarrassment, it started blasting the song from last night at full volume. You will never be aware of how long those few seconds it takes your laptop to register that it's been opened than those moments when you frantically push the "mute" button to no avail.

As my co-workers got a good laugh and I turned a deep shade of red, I vowed to always, always pause my iTunes before closing my computer. Besides knowing that it's much better for the care of my laptop to do this, it'll save me some serious embarrassment the next time I'm blasting music I'm not ready to share with everyone in listening range.

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thecolor thecolor 6 years
Thought I'd share this tip.. I've been using a software program called, "Breakaway" for some time now. When I got laid off, I'd look for work ALLOT at the "quite" local coffee shop, and listen to my jams. Needless to say, it was embarrassing when I got up a few times and ripped my wired headset out of it's jack causing the music to howl! :( I began looking for a solution to my problem and ran across "Breakaway" by Balthamos at: This program is super simple... while it's running (which it can at start-up) it monitors your headphone jack. If they get unplugged the program auto mutes your sound and or pauses your music. It's saved me after my initial quite coffee shop fopaux. Hope this helps some! :)
littlejoy9 littlejoy9 6 years
i happened to me once ;/
Beauty Beauty 6 years
I did this the other day. Hope you all enjoyed the few seconds of Ride.
CiaoBella01 CiaoBella01 6 years
i was in a crowded lecture last semester. this guy came about 10 minutes late and sat next to me (which i think was the only free seat available in the room). now, i have never thank god so much for an unkempt guy to sit next to me in class except for this one day. he turned on his computer and oh my god, porn started playing. it took him a good 5 seconds to successfully mute his computer. that made my week.... amazing.
ManiMartinixo ManiMartinixo 6 years
I similar thing has happened to me with my iPhone. For some reason when I unhooked my headphones and plopped the phone in my purse it decided to start singing oops I did it again. My classmates got a great laugh while our strict math professor gave me the most frightening death glare of all time. I didn't even know where the music was coming from cause I had just gotten the phone. Talk about an awkward situation.
komler komler 6 years
I've never had that happen, and I close my mac with iTunes playing almost every time.
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