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Geek Tip: Using iPod's On-the-Go Feature

Geek Tip: Using iPod's On-the-Go Feature

If you're like me and have hundreds of songs on your iPod that don't belong to any particular playlist, pay close attention to this geek tip.

You can create a playlist on the fly with your iPod's On-the-Go feature. All you have to do is highlight a song and press the center "select" button until the name flashes, which indicates that it has been added to the "On-the-Go" playlist.

You can also do this when a song is playing - just hold the center button until it flashes and it will be added. Access all your "On-the-Go" songs from the main Playlists menu. I know some of you have been using this feature for years, but for those of you who haven't you better get on the go.

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