Kristen Bell fanatic eclaireassuch nominated little Miss Veronica Mars as geeksugar's Geek of the Week after creating a Veronica Mars fanclub. The funny thing is, Kristen just happens to be featured on the cover of this month's Geek Monthly, a hot new magazine that covers all things geek. I have to concur, Kristen manages to play up the chic geek role better than anyone these days. "She's always using crazy gadgets (on Veronica Mars) that I have no idea where her character gets the money for - and she carries a taser. I'm not sure if that's geeky or gangsta, but still. She's also always outfiting iPod shuffles and little tiny things with minuscule cameras. If that's realistic, you'd have to be really geeky to know how to do that."

In real life, Kristen is seven years older than the high school student she portrays on Veronica Mars, attended New York University's prestigious Tisch School of the Arts and (this is my favorite part) is a vegetarian and animal rights activist. Geek chic is right! For a galley of pretty photos from the Geek Monthly photo shoot, read more

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