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Top Geeky Gals in AskMen's List of Most Desirable Women

Feb 1 2011 - 7:00am

AskMen has released their annual list of the 99 most desirable women of 2011 [1]. While TrèsSugar is breaking down the 10 types of women you'll find on the list [2], these eight gals will always find a place in our geeky hearts. Check them out in this slideshow!

#2 — Mila Kunis, the Gamer Geek

Why she's hot: Mila's star is rising, thanks in part to her role in award-season fave Black Swan [3], but geeks will always identify with her World of Warcraft obsession [4].

#11 — Natalie Portman, the Star Wars Geek

Why she's hot: I don't care which side of the line you fall on when it comes to loving or hating the Star Wars prequels, it's hard to look at Natalie without thinking of Padmé Amidala.

#30 — Olivia Wilde, the Geek Crush

Why she's hot: Geeks took notice of Olivia Wilde after her butt-kicking role in Tron: Legacy [5], and after meeting her in person [6], I admit that she's my new geek girl crush. So funny! So sweet! So smart!

#35 — Rachel McAdams, the Blogger Geek

Why she's hot: Rachel may say she's afraid of tech, but when she's not in front of the camera, she's quite the blogger [7].

#45 — Kim Kardashian, the Twitter Geek

Why she's hot: Hot search term [8] Kim Kardashain not only knows how to hack into a BlackBerry like a pro [9], but she's always engaging with her audience via Twitter. Whether you like big news scoops [10] or bikini Twitpics [11], this desirable celeb has something for everyone.

#47 — Olivia Munn, the Celebrity Geek

Why she's hot: Olivia Munn began her career on G4TV's Attack of the Show [12], talking about gadgets, games, and tech, and is now starring alongside Sarah Jessica Parker and Christina Hendricks in I Don't Know How She Does It [13]. Our geeky gal is all grown-up!

#83 — Rachel Bilson, the Super Mario Geek

Why she's hot: The term "geek" may not immediately come to mind when you think of Rachel Bilson, but here's the thing — she wants to play the Super Mario Bros. theme music at her wedding [14]. Need I say more?

#84 — Justine Ezarik, the Mac Geek

Why she's hot: One of our favorite geeks [15] ever, iJustine started her career by posting videos of herself on YouTube, where she talks about her huge iPhone bill, love for Steve Jobs, and the latest and greatest Apple products. A girl after my own heart, I say.

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