The Insignia 4-Gigabyte MP3 and Video Player has gained praise recently - namely from The New York Times - for its Bluetooth capabilities, which are still pretty rare in the MP3 player world. The player can transmit stereo MP3 music and video soundtracks to your headphones or speakers via a wireless Bluetooth connection, which means freedom from wires.

It features 4GB internal flash storage that holds up to 1,000 songs, 4,000 photos, 50 audiobooks or 14 movies, is just over 0.6" thin and weighs 2.4 ounces and supports MP3 formats and most image and video formats. It also has an FM tuner with 20 channel presets, which ended up being one of my favorite features. read more

The Insignia player is about the same size as my iPod mini (the Times says it's the size of a Nano, but that's way off) and seems much lighter than the mini. What's appealing is the fact that there's no involved set up, you can just drag or copy your media files onto it without any formatting for your PC or Mac. I tried the radio tuner first and it was extremely strong and even worked when I went through the rainbow tunnel outside San Francisco (a notoriously bad reception spot). I attempted to record from the radio, which sounded like great fun, but the quality was terrible.

The fact that it can store audio books, photos and movies gives it the appeal of a video iPod, only the screen is pretty small so I had to strain to watch an episode of The Office.

Overall, I have to agree with the Times, it's not the most amazing looking gadget, but the fact that it touts Bluetooth is a real plus. If you're part of the anti-iPod crew you should definitely get your hands on one.