Geeksugar Tests Out A New Mophie Shuffle Cover

Mophie has sent over some fun iPod accessories like the Mobile Vault: Money clip/nano case and the Relo Run iPod case, but it took me a while to get my hands on a new second generation shuffle in order to test the Wraptor's durability, style and function.

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Geek Chic

  • I love that the case is colorful. It was released just before the new colorful shuffle was put on the market, but it clearly adds pizazz to any shuffle, including this pink one.
  • I like the engineered grooves that allow you to spool your earbud wires nice and tight. It's constantly a battle wondering what to do with iPod earbuds and they are always on the loose and getting wrapped up and dirty in my purse. When I tried out the Wraptor, they stayed neat and tidy.
  • For only $10 or $20 for a three pack, the Wraptor is on the inexpensive side of gadget cases, but it doesn't look cheap.
  • The fact that you can wrap your earbuds around the outside of the Wraptor means you can clip the shuffle on your jacket and keep the cord taught so it doesn't dangle around. This is ideal for working out, walking or any other activity because it means the cord won't be sliding around and getting in the way.

Totally Geeky

  • I needed another set of hands to help me jam the shuffle into the plastic case and because I was so worried about scratching it, the experience of getting it in was a bit traumatic.
  • Only a girl would say this - but I am a girl so here it goes - the plastic on the case is so hard I couldn't get it in without messing up my manicure.
  • I'd love it if there was a hook/cranny to lock the earbud to the case when it's in my bag.

It's definitely worth it for $10, and except for the fun shuffle foils I haven't seen a ton of great shuffle covers. Just don't try to put your shuffle in it right after a mani.


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