Griffin's Radio Shark is essentially TiVo for the radio - you can record AM and FM radio broadcasts in real time, save them on your computer and upload them to your iPod. The idea is you'll never have to miss your favorite talk show - no matter what time it runs - because you will record it and have it ready.

At first this seemed like an antiquated idea because I happen to get my radio fix in the form of NPR podcasts and online radio, but after talking to a few others about it and testing it out, it turns out to be a splendid idea. There are still many radio shows that don't offer podcasts, particularly smaller independent shows or morning talk shows. The Shark, $49, gives you the option of recording while you listen or at a later time.

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Radio Shark's on-screen radio "tuner" works just like a real radio dial, you can preset favorite channels or scan around and pre-program or just press record to capture your chosen shows. Along with the usual fare of AM/FM talk shows, call-ins, top-forty, and easy (and sometimes not-so-easy) listening, you get to browse the ever-expanding world of Internet Radio. I think the shark is perfect for an indie radio junkie (although I must admit most hip indie stations do have podcasts and internet streaming) or a sports fan who wants to record games and listen to them later while working out or commuting.

When I tried it out the quality was pretty great for the five major stations in SF, clear for NPR and moderately clear for the smaller local shows. What I like about it is the fact that all you have to do is:

  • Plug the radio SHARK "fin" into your computer's USB port
  • Load the software
  • Tune in, record and drag the recordings to your iPod

You can check the Radio Shark out online.